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Welcome to my website. I am a consultant urological surgeon in Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. I decided to develop this website to assist patients in understanding urology and associated conditions.

Urological conditions are often complex and confusing and unfortunately, there is a limited time that I can spend with patients. I have developed many presentations to help explain in clinic many of the common urological conditions that I treat. Increasingly, I have been asked by my patients if these presentations are available on-line and for website recommendations where they can do their own reading and research.

John Donohue - Consultant Urologist As a result of these requests, I have started this website. The primary aim is to assist my patients to obtain a better understanding of their condition and help them in making a decision with regard to potential treatments.

I have to stress that this website is only a guide and is primarily aimed at my patients to be used in conjunction with meeting my team or me. However, I am delighted if anyone reads it and develops a better understanding of urology.

The information that is on this website is my personal opinion and such information must be used as a guide only. Doctors have many opinions on a variety of topics and often don't agree - there is often no definite answer in medicine and my intention is to enhance understanding of a condition.

If you are not one of my patients, I would still be delighted if you read this website and I hope that you will gain an understanding of some very complex issues and use the information when you meet with your doctor.

Pictures and diagrams by kind permission of C.C.M.Healthcare Ltd